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Article: Beautiful Uwakai pearls


Beautiful Uwakai pearls

Ehime Prefecture is one of the three major producing areas for Akoya pearls, and boasts one of the largest production volumes of pearls in Japan.

In particular, the pearls that are harvested in our hometown, the Nanyo region, 33 degrees north latitude, 132 degrees east longitude, the Uwa Sea on the Ehime Prefecture side of the Bungo Channel, have a thick mother-of-pearl layer and many have excellent luster, making them highly valuable. has been highly praised both domestically and internationally.

The Uwa Sea is a ria coastline with few large rivers, and is a calm and rich sea where the Pacific Ocean currents flow regularly.
The Akoya pearls we carry are cultivated in such clear, beautiful and calm waters.
Pearls harvested from Akoya oysters are processed to remove impurities such as proteins derived from the oysters, and then classified into necklaces, earrings, etc., and holes suitable for each type of processing are drilled before making their debut as pearls. In the past, true spherical white or pale pink pearls with a thick nacre layer were highly valued, but recently unique pearls that are unique and unique in the world have also come to be valued. In particular, Uwakai pearls have a thick nacre layer and many have excellent luster, so they are highly valued both in Japan and abroad.

Comes with Akoya Pearl certification and product warranty.

In order for you to experience the wonders of our pearl accessories, all of the products we deliver to our customers come with a ``Japanese Akoya Genuine Pearl Certification'' and a ``1-year Product Warranty''.
We hope that you will make pearl accessories a part of your daily enjoyment.

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