The pearl produced in UWAKAI is domestically the top with domestic production share of 38.2% (2014).
Especially, the share of Akoya pearls large (8 mm or more) share exceeds 51%.
This is of course the top share in Japan.
Worldwide, the production share of Japanese marine pearls is the top with 42.1%.
Many of the world's top pearls are made in UWAKAI.
Most of the pearls handled by us are the pearls of the UWAKAI.
We are delivering high-quality pearls with excellent gloss to everyone.

Japan Pearl Promotion Society
Japan Pearl Standard

1) Thermal processing
Removal of unfavorable colors and/or improvement of luster by heating.
2) Mae-shori
Preliminary treatment to provide effective stain removal for Akoya cultured pearls. Pearls are soaked in water or organic solvents at room or warm temperatures.
3) Bleaching
Removal of organic matter, stains (stain removal) or pigments (whitening) found in natural and cultured pearls to alter and stabilize their color.
4) Tinting
Slight color alterations of Akoya cultured pearls made by adding reddish dyes.
5) Dyeing
Color changes to the pearl to produce a different color by using natural or synthetic dyes.
6) Coloration
Color changes made not by dyes but by use of chemical reagents.
7) Irradiation
Color changes made by irradiating a pearl with gamma rays.

CIBJO Standard
(Confédération internationale de la bijouterie, de la joaillerie, de l'orfèvrerie)

Luster enhancement

Pearls handled by us

At our company, by unique distinction
The thickness of the nacre layer is 0.4 mm or more.
There are slight deformation / small scratches / medium scratches.
We deal with beautiful pearls as "Kusai-pearl" at an affordable price.
Sample lending is available. Please have a look once.
We do not handle imitation pearls as shown below. Please note.
Coated pearls coated with synthetic resin and special coloring agent, and imitation pearls. Alexi type (discolored) pearl with marked discoloration. Others "Those not recognized as pearls"

The above is referred to as processing and is to extract the potential beauty possessed by natural pearls or cultured pearls by physical and chemical methods or to change their color and appearance irrespective of their inherent properties is. Most of the pearls fall under any of the above. According to your request, we will announce all product standards so that customers can trade with confidence.

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